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Turning Interest Into Action

We are pleased to offer a variety of services at Pittsburgh Covidsitters, including our NEW online classes for kids!

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Both virtually and in person!

We offer babysitting, tutoring, virtual tutoring, and virtual buddies. We are doing our best to meet your child's needs, whatever they may be!

We are very excited about our most recent addition to our services - Zoom Tutoring and Zoom Virtual Buddies! So many of our Pittsburgh kids are struggling to learn from home, and struggling to feel normal in such a strange time. We are happy to offer this mentoring service for kids who are trying to navigate the college application process, kids interested in the medical field, kids who are trying to find their way through life. While we hope the COVID crisis resolves as quickly as possible, we hope these Virtual Buddies stay in touch long after PA reopens!

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Help Outside the Home

Running to the store so you don't have to

We know you are busy--working, commuting, staying on top of your household, all while working on overdrive amid this crisis. If you need help with grocery shopping, pharmacy runs, taking your car for maintenance, or any other errands, we are here for you!

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Help Inside the Home

To make managing your household a little more manageable

We know you are tired, working harder than ever. If you are having trouble staying on top of the daily activities in your home, let us help! Cooking, cleaning, laundry, pet care, and more, don't hesitate to reach out.

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Because your fur fam matters too

Do you need someone to walk the pup every day, or clean the litter box a few times a week? We are here to help!

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Upcoming Classes!

We know kids are stuck at home, missing their friends and looking for new ways to learn and have fun. Check out our upcoming classes that we hope will bring a little fun to your home!

To sign up, or just to get more info on one of our classes, send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Art classes with Maryland

Two classes for all ages!

Sign up for a seat in our new Live Online Art Class taught by Ms. Simpson, who has been teaching art for 45 years. She is so excited to show your kiddos how to get crafty with supplies found around the house. There are two classes available on May 8th and May 22nd, but spots are limited so sign up today!


Acting classes with NYC

Four classes for all ages!

Our friends at NYC CS have partnered with CGL studios ( to provide FREE acting classes for children ages 4 - 18. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to engage and interact with others and bring out their inner actor/actress from the convenience of their own homes!

There are four classes currently scheduled for the month of May (May 8th, and May 9th) which will be lead by Mia and Matt, founders of CGL studios. Mia is a New York based actress, voiceover artist, and acting coach. 

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Yoga class with Pittsburgh

One class for ages 7-12!

We are very excited to be offering a yoga class on May 15 from 3-3:30 pm to interested kiddos ages 7-12. The class will be hosted by Lilly Ackles, who has been dancing, stretching, and exploring the exciting world of yoga for many years!

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