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For our heroes on the frontlines

We at Pittsburgh COVIDsitters are committed to making sure your family needs are being met. Our goal is to ease some of your burden by helping take care of your family, free of charge. We recognize that you may need to be in the hospital at all hours of the day/night, and we’re here to fill in any childcare gaps.

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Request Help

Our volunteers provide free childcare, petsitting, and errands. Any healthcare worker can request our help — that includes hospital cleaning crews, cafeteria workers, lab techs, OT’s, RT’s, etc. Thank you for keeping us safe!

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Request help.

Fill out our form. We make sure to never publicly share identifying information like your name or job.

Watch for email.

You will receive an email from Pittsburgh COVIDsitters letting you know when we find a volunteer to help you! The email will include contact information for your volunteer. Please reach out to your volunteer within 48 hours of being connected. You can see our application process under FAQ's!

Get help.

Once you’re connected to your volunteer, you can coordinate details with them. Lots of families chat on the phone or have an in-person meeting to make sure everyone is comfortable with the match. If you need more volunteer help or have other questions, reach out to

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Students standing behind you.

COVID Conscious

To minimize risk of coronavirus spread, each volunteer only helps one family. If we are able, we will connect you with 2-3 volunteer students nearby. If at any point you experience symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, shortness of breath, etc.) or if you contract COVID-19, please let your volunteers know and send us an email at

100% Volunteers

All our volunteers are here to support you free-of-charge. Thank you for taking care of our community.

Most of our volunteers are NOT certified childcare providers and these services are not endorsed by or provided in association with an academic institution. Pittsburgh COVIDsitters is not able to verify any of the information provided by volunteers, nor conduct any background checks.   

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