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Meet the Team

We are students supporting our community healthcare heroes on the frontlines of the battle in this unprecedented pandemic.

Our team provides services to all essential healthcare employees, from clinical staff like doctors, nurses, and techs, to non-clinical staff like administrators, food service workers, and custodians. The covidsitters project started at the University of Minnesota with some very dedicated medical students and we are so excited to bring the project to Pittsburgh. We are here for you!

Our goal is to help offset the impact of school closures and increased work demands on healthcare workers.

Our board consists of medical students, yet the lifeblood of this organization is made up of local volunteers from our community. We are humbled by their overwhelming support! 

Our organization would not exist without the work of each and every one of our board members.


Julia Schmutz

Founder, Pittsburgh Chapter

Ross University School of Medicine 
MS4 Interested in Fam-Psych


J Bruce

Hospital Coordinator

Ross University School of Medicine
MS4 Interested in Pediatrics


Dominique Reeves

Volunteer Coordinator

Ross University School of Medicine
MS4 Interested in Family Medicine


Mai Xiong

Risk Mitigation

Ross University School of Medicine
MS3 Interested in Surgery


Sarah Hendrix

Social Media Director

Ross University School of Medicine
MS4 Interested in Pediatrics/Peds-EM

Meet the Team: Team Members
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